Safety tips for parents, kids and educators prevent and deal with cyberbullying.

what is cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is the sending or posting of harmful or cruel text or images using the Internet or other digital communication devices such as: E-mail Instant Messaging (IM) Text messages or digital images sent on mobile phones.

what is sexting?

Nude or partially nude photos usually taken during a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship that are sent to mobile phones or posted online is called "sexting." Some teens are finding themselves with child pornography charges as a result of this disturbing trend.

common cyberbullying tactics

Stealing someone’s online name and using it to write nasty rumors, comment, or spread gossip. Altering someone’s message or doctoring photographs to say something different or poke fun at a person.

dealing with cyberbullying

Teach children not respond to the bully. Victims often want to befriend the bully to solve the problem or even worse they want to retaliate. Responding to the cyberbully only escalates the problem, and in turn, the victim becomes part of the problem.

cyberbullying statistics

Four in ten teens (43%) have experienced online harassment. Girls are twice as likely as boys to be victims and perpetrators, usually through email or a social networking sites, where they typically engage in social sabotage. Cyberbullying is most prevalent among 15 and 16 year olds.

consequences of cyberbullying

The effects of cyberbullying are not limited to hurt feelings. Research suggests that victims of cyberbullying respond much like traditional bullying victims in terms of negative emotions, such as feeling sad, anxious, and having lower self-esteem.

why do kids cyberbully?

New studies published in the book, "Bullying Beyond the Schoolyard" by Hinduja and Patchin, charts the following reasons why youth bully online:

additional resources for parents and kids

Here are some additional web resources for parents and kids.

additional resources for educators

Lesson plans and other web resources for educators.

video by middle school student, Patrick Kohlmann

The video below was created by a middle school student, Patrick Kohlmann, to present to the PTA and the faculty of the school.


Suicide Hotline

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Faces of Cyberbullycide

Rachael Neblett

Rachael was stalked online by anonymous bully. She died by suicide on October 9, 2006.
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Ryan Halligan

Interview with John Halligan who's 13-year old son, Ryan, died by suicide as a result of bullying at school and online.

Jeffrey's mother Debbie Johnston writes, "With the keyboard as his weapon, the bully violated the sanctity of my home and murdered my child just as surely as if he had crawled through a broken window and choked the life from Jeff with his bare hands. It was not a death that was quick and merciful. It was carried out with lies, rumors and calculated cruelty portioned out day by day.”

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Megan Meier

A cruel online hoax by a neighbor led to suicide death of Megan. Read her story